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We Are Beauty

“Common nobility stands before me,

Generosity soars above me,

Beauty flows within in me,

While learning paints the sky.”

Lisa Starr,  November 16, 2009

I wrote this while camping at the beach last fall.  I had my easel and paints on the picnic table and I would paint on and off through out the day.  As the day passed into the sunset, a flock of Pelican, who’s medicine is generosity, soared just above my head as were camping at the edge of a cliff.  Evergreen bushes divided the campground where Chickadees, common nobility, lived out there daily routines.  The Ocean, the medicine of Beauty, drenched my senses with sight, sound and smells of the salt watered air.  Seagulls medicine of learning, flew in the distance above the horizon as the sun was setting in colors of orange, fuchsias and blues.