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The Birthing of the Drum

“Aluna” ~16 inch Elk Hide Drum, handmade Elk hide lace, Amorite Fossilized Shell, Clay bead

Willow Drum Stick, Red Suede and Llama Fur

“In my journey of drum making, I have discovered that our drums are like our children.  In the creation of these powerful sacred instruments, we are giving birth to a life force that taps into our connection of our primal essence and our inner child.  In my art and my teachings I take my passion of this creation one step further and integrate the magical and mystical with ceremony and ritual.  As a wisdom teacher I offer ritual and ceremony to my student drum makers to establish a relationship with the hide and the hoop as they create their personal power instrument.

The most significant piece in making relations with our drums is to do intiate an deep connection for our Sacred Medicine Instrument.
This is done by developing a bond or a love for your drum bringing that bond into form by acting out our reverence for the sacred.  We begin the process while crafting our instruments with prayers of gratitude for the animal and the tree who have given their life for us to make our power object.  As the drum dries overnight we awake every two hours to turn the drum and caress the new birth as we do with a newborn.  We continue to initiate our relationship with a journey that shows us our drum’s name and how he/she will show us how he/she will share in our lives.

Rhythms and beats are born from our hearts in reflection to life beats of Mama. Setting intent to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky, we then step through the gateway of our Heart.  Once on the other side the sounds of the drum carries us and the resonance opens us into the Spirit realm where visions and healings can be seen, felt, heard, smelled, tasted….known. Sometimes there is a great knowing that comes from a drum journey and sometimes it is a continuation of healing. Your drum is your guide in some ways and you are his/her guardian.  It is a relationship of co-responsibility and one to be nurtured…all ways…always.”

Whether you make your own drum or purchase one,the intention and ritual is the same. I invite you to bond and make relations with your drum and awaken your personal power.” ~Lisa Starr~Artisan Drum Maker