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“I will always remember my drum building journey with shaman Lisa Starr; the talking stick, burning sage,  paper crane gift floating in the water, birds circling overhead, aho, oiling the cedar ring, the walk over the line in the sand signifying passage into the dream world, the rock where I lay my head, Lisa beating her drum and describing the ritual while I imagined it; father sky connecting to my heart power down to mother earth and back up forming an 8.  I saw the 8 in Leslie’s painting last Saturday and I told her of what I experienced and she said it’s the infinity symbol.  She saw it in seaweed and then put it in her painting.  After the spiritual guide ceremony Lisa and I walked back to camp where we placed a special gift of a flower in the water with the hides, thanking the animals for their sacrifice.  Then we picked out our hides and marked them and poked in them the 16 holes for the cord and stretched the cord and threaded it all together finishing it off with a bead decoration and a rock nested in for my hand to hold.   Next I picked out my beater stick and Lisa finished with a closing ceremony with burning sage and talking stick to bless both of the drums which we built together that day.  What a wonderful ceremony and event!  I don’t want to forget a thing and I do believe that this was the most treasured gift that I ever gave to myself.  Thank you, Lisa Starr.  I believe that you are a woman of great power and the experience that I shared with you is proof to me that you are a shaman.  I am blessed to know you and Joshua Tree is blessed to have you in our village.  Aho.”

~ Julia Buckley, Joshua Tree ~

“I had the honor of doing a day long drum making ceremony with Lisa Starr, and then spending the night in cozy Fox Dome at Bonita Domes. If you are at all drawn to shamanism or the healing power of the drum, dont hesitate for a moment in signing up for the drum making workshop, you will *not* regret it. I feel so blessed to have been guided in that journey by such a warm, playful, wise and open woman. As for Bonita Domes, it’s a magical place for sure. Something between a hobbit house and Tatooine sand dwelling, the dome itself was warm, cozy, beautiful and spotlessly clean. The wonderful padded front “step” was a great place to star-gaze. The fire on the property was sunken into the ground and perfectly protected from the wind (and there was a lot of it!). While I didnt have the opportunity to go into the National Park, it’s just a hop, skip and jump away. I cant wait to bring my husband back there!


~ Tess Messer, San Diego ~

“Lisa…just a quick note to wish you and Gabe a wonderful 2013 — our first year in our new Age! Wow. And to let you know we ‘initiated’ our drums in a drum circle on December 21st! They were amazing! Thanks again for the experience and providing such a great space and energy at Bonita Domes!! We’ll be frequent ‘pod-ites’ 🙂 HUGS!”

~ Janice and Rich, Canada ~

“Had an amazing time in your drum making class. So fulfilling is so many ways. Thomba sounds incredible and is resonating with all the power we put into it this weekend. Thanks again!!”

~  Thomas Fjallstam, Joshua Tree  ~

“Lisa has powerful medicine and carries it forth with passion and conviction.  She radiates the sacred and reminds all whom she touches of their inherent beauty.  She has worked with several of our guests, meeting each exactly where they were and touching them and moving them in profound ways.  She easily walks between the practical and the spirit worlds, offering balanced and grounded guidance.  She is impeccable in her words and actions.


~ Dean Taraborelli,  Sedona  ~

“Lisa, you have no idea how much you’ve helped me. I’m sure the “glow” will wear off in a few days back here in the “real” world but I think i’ll be o.k. with it, for once. I so appreciate you’re graciousness in helping me work through some tough blockages. I really don’t know if I could’ve done it without you! At this point i’m sure i have know idea to what extent the shifts will manifest, but it feels like some good stuff is happening. Well, I not sure what else to say except Bless You sweet Goddess!!”

~ M.M., San Diego ~