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Becoming Still

I’ve been on a quest for what seems like an eternity. My spine is erect as I walk towards the mountains and valleys. My heart leads my way. The river runs through the canyons and I’m giddy with elation of choice to walk within the waters to cool my feet or to walk along side […]


Quiet Before the Storm

Is it the quiet before the storm? That has me in the bliss of calm. I awake to the excitement of the day unlike recent mornings where getting out of bed was akin to swimming through sludge. Is it the quiet before the storm? That beckons me to question what is different today. I drink […]


Sitting in the Full Spectrum of Trust

Today I re-began my meditation practice I developed into a daily routine over the past 16 years.  In the last two years, this routine shifted.  My meditations became meditations of movement.  Currently I desire to find my center in stillness again in my time of many new beginnings.  Selling my house, building my business, and […]


We are One

  In my bliss of love and light, I see love’s warmth embrace my beloved Brothers and Sisters As they are moving through their current moment of strife. I send you my prayers from my breath of life as my words are sent and carried in this breathless moment of an exhale, “Remember this is just a moment […]