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You are cordially invited to Hwy 62 Art Tours 2017

You are cordially invited to Hwy 62 Art Tours 2017 October 21 &22 Greetings!  Here’s a clip from 2013.  I super excited to be showing my sacred instruments in my new studio dome.  See you there!!


From Dome Home Complete to Whittling Sticks

In this writing, I spent the summer in Connecticut attending to family business and focus on some personal time.  After finishing our dome home, the opportunity to get away and focus on some much need personal and family time was presented.  I brought my drum and rattle crafting supplies with me as I have learned […]


Twins are Born



Quiet Before the Storm

Is it the quiet before the storm? That has me in the bliss of calm. I awake to the excitement of the day unlike recent mornings where getting out of bed was akin to swimming through sludge. Is it the quiet before the storm? That beckons me to question what is different today. I drink […]


Spiral Dance and The Drum

“If all things have mutually manifest, we cannot reject any one thing or situation with out rejecting totality. The practice of comapssion applies to the realm of the web in the contxt of a co-created universe to say that this or that should not be is to say that we should not be.”

Excerpt from Sprial Dance Life on Earth Apprenticeship, Maria Yraceburu, Author, Ceremonialist


Mamma Drumm

I taught drum making a few weekends ago and I feel that I have arrived a place where my mastery of drum making is evident. The new technique I’ve been working with, is easy to teach and has greatly narrowed the margin of error so, my students walk away with a drum that is crafted […]