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Moving from Cynism to Faith

To learn to trust again after being hurt from life’s twists and turns that left us disappointed is like being a cynical teenager. Bratty. Pouty. Seeking the next fix to cure the pain from broken past. I beckon her to come with me for a cup of tea. We are getting to know one another […]


What is a Drum Medicine Journey?

Drum ~ to summon Medicine ~ regarded as having magical or remedial properties Journey ~ a voyage :::: A Drum Medicine Journey is a shamanic practice and an experiential meditation that restores inner calm, health and self empowerment. It also allows the participant to have an experience within their own consciousness to regain balance in […]


Diving, Drums and Dreams

July 30, 2010 Living at the beach has been a great blessing as I/we continue the ritual of dunking three times into Grandmother Ocean first thing in the morning at least every two days. . In the last week, with the full moon approaching,  three drums were born and just before that there was an emotional […]