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What is a Drum Medicine Journey?


Drum ~ to summon

Medicine ~  regarded as having magical or remedial properties

Journey ~ a voyage


 A Drum Medicine Journey is a shamanic practice and an experiential meditation that restores inner calm, health and self empowerment. It also allows the participant to have an experience within their own consciousness to regain balance in their life.  A Drum Medicine Journey can be done indoors or outdoors and best when experienced in a Nature.

Trauma, fears and negative thought patterns deplete good health and well being eventually becoming physical, emotional, mental and spiritual illnesses. Illness is an imbalance between the physical world and spiritual realm.

Lisa Starr is a guardian and a Drum Medicine Woman.  Lisa safely guides participants on a Drum Medicine Journey to summon and restore health between the physical world and the spiritual realm. Participants experience a better understanding and increased awareness of core challenges that have held them back from regaining balance. They take with them a renewed perspective, profound healing  and stronger connection with nature and themselves.

Drumming is an ancinet practice of shamnism and rooted in nature and the esoteric.  A Drum Medicine Journey is method by which we can strengthen our connection with our natural surroundings and the spirit realm and ourselves.  Restored health is further enhanced when a Drum Medicine Journey is practiced in nature and away from the distractions the mundane world and our daily lives.


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Be advised that Lisa Starr is neither a therapist nor a doctor.  If you are sick, having a crisis or emergency, needing medical, mental health or professional advice, find a professional in that area.