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Shamanic Medicine

Restoring Balance

Structural integrity, Emotional stability and Spiritual awareness


Drum ~ to summon

Medicine ~ regarded as having magical or remedial properties


Available most days by appointment 10am to 2pm

$200 ~ per session 

~Payments are due the time of session~


Dis-ease and illnesses translate as imbalances between the physical and the spirit realms.  These realms are interconnected and evident in nature where patterns or conditions form and affect our bodies, emotions and spirit.  Using tracking skills to see the patterns of harmony or imbalance within these realms,  we have the choice to be responsible co-creators of our existence.  A Traditional Medicine Woman was considered to have a special connection to the spirit world and she would use that link to track and assist restoring health physically, emotionally, and spiritually for those who come to her.

Lisa is a Contemporary Medicine Woman and is your guardian who has a deep understanding for restoring health on behalf of her clients as she traverses the spirit and physical worlds. She weaves Drum Medicine Journey, Divination, Energy Body Work, Limpias and Curing Soul Sickness, from traditional medicine of the Southwest, Mexico and South America.

In your session, Lisa will assist you in reclaiming your soul piece and repair energy leaks for you to, heal, regain balance and gain a better self-awareness.  Each session closes with a limpia: a spiritual cleansing to wash off dense energy and call back one’s spirit into their body.

Clients experience a non-judgemental and compassionate perspective allowing them to gain a better understanding of core challenges that have held them back from fulfilling their true potential. They take with them an increased awareness of their own experience and receive practical, creative instruction and exercises for rituals for continued practice.

Be advised that Lisa Starr is neither a clinical therapist or a medical doctor. If you are sick, having a crisis or emergency, needing medical, mental health or professional advice, find a professional in that area.

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