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Realease Form







*Be advised that Lisa Starr is neither a clinical therapist or a medical doctor. If you are sick, having a crisis or emergency, needing medical, mental health or professional advice, seek out a professional in that area.

*I understand that this Shamanic Medicine session is a form of spiritual healing and can have profound and powerful effects of release.  Occasional reactions can cause momentary discomfort.

*I understand that receiving a Shamanic Medicine session can bring up vulnerable issues and these sessions always involve transcending these uncomfortable places within the body, mind and spirit.

*I understand I have no medical claims made for Shamanic Medicine sessions.  I will give feed back and voice any discomfort if I do not feel supported.

*I have read and agreed to these statements.  I am listing or informing Lisa Starr, my practitioner, of any conditions that might affect my session:

*any chronic or acute health conditions:


*conditions that might be affected by body work:     


*conditions that might be affected by trance states:


*psychological conditions or trauma that may be triggered:


*previous healing experiences:


*expectations or concerns:


Before you Arrive

Your session has already begun with your intent to seek and reveal deeper aspects for your spiritual well being.  Your session will take place in a very special environment.  The unique energies we have gathered for your support have joined to create a vortex of healing.  To ensure the highest integrity of your session, please honor and ensure the following….

*Please arrive 5 minutes before your session begins

*Please turn off your cell phone before entering.

* Take a Detox Bath the night before your session.  Detox Bath Recipe is 1 pound baking soda + 1 pound epsom salt in a bath of hot water for at least 20 minutes.  The hot water opens your pores, the epsom salts draw out the toxins and the baking soda seals your energy body from toxins to re-enter.  Hydrate by drinking water. Candles, music and essential oils such as lavender, rose or chamomile can be added to enhance the ambiance. 

*Drink your weight in ounces of water the day of your session.  This will aid in flushing toxic cellular memory from your system.  You   may double this normal consumption for maximum flushing.

*Remove or obtain from all heavy perfumes and cologne.

*Please provide payment upon review of your release form.


After Your Session

*Be prepared to take it easy after your session. 

*Do not plan any major activity or immerse yourself into a chaotic environment. 

*This is your time to heal and rejuvenate and your session may leave you feeling extremely relaxed…..go with it!!!