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18 ” Custom Shamanic Drum


Includes a divination reading, a drum stick with llama fur batting and a Drum Making Journeys dust bag for storage.

Custom drums are conceived and birthed with divination and ritual. Messages are revealed from signs in nature and insight and a story emerges into the life of your sacred instrument. Stones, shells, beads, pieces of wood and other natural elements are selected and woven into the handle symbolizing your personal definition of your essence, spiritual journey and life purpose with your drum.
Includes a divination reading and a drum stick with llama fur batting.

Drums are made with Elk or Deer hide. Each Drum head is cut to the matching the solid cedar hoop. Lace is hand cut from the Elk or Deer hide and is and is then used to weave on the handle.

To place your order:

*Meditate on what medicine, energy or story calls to be infused in your drum OR let it be a surprise and allow Divine Guidance to reveal

*Choose a Weave Design: spiral, sun, butterfly, eagle, spider, or spirit’s choice.

*Indicate your choice of embellishments: specific medicine pieces, crystals, beads, bones, shells, personal fetish or totem pieces, etc.

***50% deposit at time of order (see additional information below)

Additional information


50% deposit at time of order. Allow 2-3 weeks for your drum to be competed and shipped. Contact to receive a Paypal invoice for deposit. Balance due at time of shipping.