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Moving from Cynism to Faith

To learn

to trust


after being

hurt from life’s

twists and turns

that left us


is like being

a cynical teenager.




the next fix

to cure

the pain

from broken past.

I beckon her

to come with me

for a cup of tea.

We are getting

to know one another




Reaching for

a cup

of tea,

she moves

her arms


from crossing

her heart.



Healing memories.

into having


once again.

Gods Eye at Bonita Domes photo by Mellissae Lucia

In my current apprenticeship in the philosophy of the tilsh diyin and am unraveling deep patterns with shamanic journeys. Fun stuff!!! This poem is a glimpse and part of a recent meditation I did using specific music, stones and intention or prayer. The bold type is correlated to the Kyong (chakras) that I recently focused on.

Kyong 1~throat, higher heart. Kyong 2~crown, secondary center of will. Kyong 3~heart, point of instant memory.

What I like most about the philosophy of the tlish diyin, is how the experience and training is my own personal magic that is healing on many levels. Me=micorcosm, Earth=macrocosim and everything and everyone in between.

As I reflect on the recent state of our country and our world, I can only hope that we Speak to what is good, are Willing to take responsibility for our part, and reshape our Memories so we can let go and move forward.

Moving from cynicism to faith.