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Lisa Starr, HHP,CNC, TM, Drum Medicine Woman

Lisa has been creating drums for spiritual growth and practices for more than 15 years. Drum Making is at the core of her personal journey. It fulfills her passion as an Artist and to live life in balance with Nature within our modern world. Through her business, Drum Making Journeys, she crafts shamanic drums, and sacred rattles that are rich with wisdom of ritual and ceremony.   In her Shamanic Medicine Sessions, Lisa becomes a shamanic guide and guardian to restore health on behalf of her clients.  In addition, she shares her knowledge on how to establish, maintain and bring the principles of Shamanism into a daily practice.

Certificates: Holistic Health Practitioner, Homeopathy, Yoga and Thai Massage, Clinical Nutrition, Earth Life Counselor and Curendismo.

Initiations: in traditional medicinal plant ceremonies of the Huichol, Peruvian and Apache Traditions.

She is the owner/builder of an earth bag dome home, studio and retreat named Bonita Domes. Bonita Domes is located in Joshua Tree California and built on the principles of earth architecture and sacred geometry. This and living close to nature, further enhances a lifestyle of authentic well being for Lisa and her visitors, guests and clients.

Accomplishments: Cal Earth Alumni, Dome Home Builder

Lisa’s Colombian and Puerto Rican heritage emerges today with the Medicine of the Drum and Shamanic Healing Arts. 

She practices daily rituals and ceremonies much like her Ancestors.  Her Maternal Great Grandmother was the village midwife and medicine woman. Her Paternal lineage were Seer’s and Psychics.   Lisa draws upon her ancestral lineage, traditional shamanic experiences and ongoing trainings so, she may carry on her legacy as an accomplished Modern Day Medicine Woman.