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photo by Kondor Imaging

In my life as a traditional Medicine Woman in our contemporary times, I begin my day with greeting the sun in a ceremony with water, cornmeal and prayer. I say prayers of gratitude for my life, for the life of my children and for the life all my relations. I invite the divine union of Earth Mother and Sky Father into my day and to show me how may I serve. This ignites my desire to be alive and be in my life’s purpose.

In my practice, I follow a balanced lifestyle that includes personal daily ritual, eating holistically, and enjoy a lifestyle of beauty. As a practitioner, my quest is to maintain alignment of body(structure), heart(emotions) and spirit(essence). This also prepares me for those times when I need to figure out the source of imbalance.

By tracking and mapping when my life works in harmony, my intuition is primed as I pay attention to the synchronised messages within the world around me. The illusion of separation between Physical and Spiritual worlds become apparent and is beautiful. Beauty then becomes a lifestyle for my current Earth Walk. I know my life purpose.

When I am not at ease, my quest is to understand the purpose of my fears and challenges. My lifestyle has prepared me to receive revelations that help me to shift my perspective about fear. Fears and challenges become guiding lights and allies in order to better navigate the cause of dis-ease. I can see more of who and why I am and love myself through it. I become courageous. I am ready to own my life.

Life and all forces of nature, mundane and esoteric, interconnect and form patterns or conditioning that are reflected in our bodies and environment(structure), relationships(emotion), and universal forces(spirit). With this awareness and a bit of faith, we have the choice to be responsible co-creators of our existence. This is the magic of divine orchestration!

I fall in Love with this divine orchestration of co-creating Life with All That Is. This co-creation is magic and is inherently good! I believe that this is where our purpose is born and reborn again. Miracles and Healing become the norm and we celebrate in Gratitude!!!

I invite clients who are committed to seek and want to follow a balanced lifestyle. Who want to learn about personal daily ritual, eating holistically, who are open to receive clarity and inspiration. Who are willing to believe in the power of Spirit and their Souls purpose. Who are ready to own their life.

As your personal Medicine Woman, I use Traditional Healing Modalities to assist you in realigning your body, heart, and spirit. Using counseling, herbs, energetic alignment techniques and ancient empowerment rituals we can effectively restore balance to live and release dis-ease. Our lives can move forward towards our highest potential with ease, grace and Beauty.

I look forward to you to finding your own medicine of empowerment and to see your smiling face!!

In Gratitude with Love,


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