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Drum Medicine Woman and Drum Shaman



As I was training as a Holistic Health Practitioner and learning about shamanism, I was introduced to the drum.  As an artist, I sought to weave together my passion for a lifestyle of wellness and alternative health care with the creative artistry of drum making.





One of my first teachers was Jade Wahoo’, Caretaker of the Ways.  At that time, he lived in Sedona.  Just outside Sedona, is a place Jade called “home” for vision quests.  Locals named it The Shaman’s cave inspired by Jade’s visits there. 

His storytelling is potent and filled with mysticism.  I am forever fascinated by his mystical life experiences!  Jade’s wisdom, articulate teachings and shamanic practice are authentic and powerful.





From Jade, I learned the ritual and ceremony of Drum Medicine Journey and how to make rawhide lace.  Both of these are foundational for my practice as a Drum Medicine Woman.







photo by Allison Rae

photo by Allison Rae

Recently, Jade came for a visit.  Here we are.  Drum Shaman and Drum Medicine Woman.




Thanks Jade!!!  I am grateful for who you are in my life today!!