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Category Archives: Poetry

Spiral Dance and The Drum

“If all things have mutually manifest, we cannot reject any one thing or situation with out rejecting totality. The practice of comapssion applies to the realm of the web in the contxt of a co-created universe to say that this or that should not be is to say that we should not be.”

Excerpt from Sprial Dance Life on Earth Apprenticeship, Maria Yraceburu, Author, Ceremonialist


We are One

  In my bliss of love and light, I see love’s warmth embrace my beloved Brothers and Sisters As they are moving through their current moment of strife. I send you my prayers from my breath of life as my words are sent and carried in this breathless moment of an exhale, “Remember this is just a moment […]


We Are Beauty

“Common nobility stands before me, Generosity soars above me, Beauty flows within in me, While learning paints the sky.” Lisa Starr,  November 16, 2009 I wrote this while camping at the beach last fall.  I had my easel and paints on the picnic table and I would paint on and off through out the day.  […]