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Becoming Still

photo by Mellisae Lucia

I’ve been on a quest for what seems like an eternity. My spine is erect as I walk towards the mountains and valleys. My heart leads my way.

The river runs through the canyons and I’m giddy with elation of choice to walk within the waters to cool my feet or to walk along side and hear the babbling rush speak to me. I find a sandy bank to rest my weary worries of nonsense that makes me feel so uncomfortable. Sinking into the riverbank Mamma coddles me and lulls me into a warm embrace as Papa shines his protective love upon me.

photo by Mellisae Lucia

I fall asleep only to be awaken by the rising Full Moon. Grandmother’s light penetrates my gaze and I want to fall into a trance. I gather my things and walk towards a pond of still waters. The Light of the Moon flickers and dances and on the ripples of waves yet, it’s the reflection of the full roundness that captures me.

I gaze into the reflection of this magnificent sphere and as the gust of wind rises and falls with vigor, the waters mutate the sphere into Dancing Light. The Dancing Light morphs into a Being that beckons me to stay with them. I comply and….just…..become….still.


Time seemed to stop then the winds began to call my attention. I make my way to my bed beneath the starry moonlit sky and surrender to the Wind Washing away any residue of discomfort.

Allowing deep sleep to heal me.